Controlling Blood Loss in Laparoscopic Liver & Pancreas Surgery Using the Aquamantys® System


Please join us on April 9th, 2013 at 7pm EDT as Michael House, MD & Attila Nakeeb, MD, from the Indiana University Health share their perspective on the use of the Aquamantys System to control bleeding during laparoscopic liver and pancreas surgery. Dr. House & Dr. Nakeeb will demonstrate the use of Medtronic Advanced Energy's Transcollation technology in both laparoscopic liver and pancreas procedures. Viewers are invited to e-mail questions about the procedures to Dr. House & Dr. Nakeeb during the webcast.



Michael G. House

Michael G. House, MD

Indiana University Health

Attila Nakeeb

Attila Nakeeb, MD

Indiana University Health

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